In 2004-2005 I was full force working for and in support of this pioneering, member-driven KT Support organization, It became my fulltime focus. I had the time for sure. I was basically bed-ridden by doctor’s orders and unemployed via permanent disability.

The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, in particular is due a ton of gratitude for sponsoring its work and listening to that first mom that walked the halls of the Gonda Vascular Clinic hoping one of their doctors would agree to treat her daughter and then to support a world thirsty for knowledge and research. These mutual efforts created the first US-based full force Klippel-Trenaunay reference and referral center.

Today, as I work on an international basis, it is profoundly satisfying to hear of other Countries and their respective member-driven Support Groups reaching out within their counties.


Klippel Trenaunay Support Group [k-t.org]

… the first-in-the-world Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome Support Group
… the pioneers of KT Suport Groups


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