NOVEMBER 17th – Anthony, our Grandson’s birthday. He was born years after his great grandfather passed away which was 17 years after his wife, Anthony’s grandmother, my mother.

Life certainly has its moments. Synergy for many of us.

In any case, November 17 is a day I reflect on how Light follows Darkness in our family. This is just as true in 2021 as it was in 2011 when I memorialized it as recalled below.

willi-anton 2021, March 11

Brothers Lee are thinking today, November 17th, is our memorial day with all the respect owed the veterans we honor on their days.  Dad passed away 5-years ago and 17-years to the day after Mom.

This special day goes easier this year for this particular son, as I celebrate my grandson, Anthony’s, 1st Birthday today.  He rem59inds me that life is precious, short, and ever so amazing.

Life inevitably brings darker days and then flashes bright lights to show us hope, faith and charity are always there to light the pathway back.  The real challenge is not the darkness, it’s nature’s counterpoint, it’s having the presence of mind and strength of character to open our eyes so as not to miss the unpredictable, these unexpected rays of light.

Dad and Mom you said goodbye to your son Norman and then hello to son Michael.  This last year Dawne Wood Lee and the family said hello to Anthony, yet had to say goodbye to Papa Wood.  Such is the circle of life and we do our best today to remember the better moments, which our children and grandchildren make just a little easier to do?

Thinking about Ulrick A. Lee and Michael Lee today – hoping many happy moments for them today.

2011, November 17 [orig. publish date]

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