It’s been a lifetime since Brother Ed and high school philosophy, religion and writing classes. Brother Ed had most of us kids scratching our heads. He also had students, turned adults, who returned to campus to visit and praise him. Not an easy thing to forget. Not an easy thing to overlook as a student. His “thesis-antithesis-thesis” lesson is rock solid. I speak of it to this day, hoping it interjects positivity into life, our collective lives.

Willi-Anton – 2021, March 11

“Thesis – Antithesis – Thesis”

Here, here, Brother Edward, your mantra lives.  To all those skeptics who say we are doomed to our prejudices, I say bunk!  To those who insist that heart-felt opinions can’t be changed, I say bunk.

2011, November, 23 [orig. post date]


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