a Blessed Life

2021, March 20

Over the last 66 years or so I have developed a wide range of passions. Always the captive of an active mind and a bundle of energy despite life challenges. Unknown by most who witnessed me age from birth to middle age, I faced daily challenges attributed to being born rare. It’s tight me to honor and support family, friends, community.

I’m privileged an angel married me. Thank you Dawne. A witness to my wife’s cancer survival; I am a father to awesome children; Papa Bill to grandchildren; a college graduate; a mentor to entrepreneurs; and an arts high school benefactor. I chose the moniker Ego Est. It’s strict translation is “I am”. My translation is “I think, thus I am.” It’s an homage to my Latin teacher and to my brain which is in perpetual curiosity mode.

My work life taught me to appreciate challenges and to work for driven, often unrelenting bosses. Late in life I journaled about my rare disease which introduced me to new friends across the world. Enjoined by curious doctors my lifetime medical disorder got a narrow reprieve of sorts very late in life at 63 years old.

Hobby lucky, caring for an ’85 Corvette and a ’99 Porsche fulfilled a kid’s dream. Kick-starting a grandchild’s music interest took me back to my childhood also. Rehabilitating my wife’s childhood home played to other youthful passions. And now we build our mini-home for our second retirement. All that’s left to do is reflecting on a full life, provided this 2019 Pandemic doesn’t stand in our way.


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