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As my wife and I faced not just retirement, but retirement within retirement we started to shed those worldly possessions. This while wanting to preserve cherished memories as we freed ourselves to travel to select locations dragging our mini-home along with us.

This site documents our journey, as well as gathers ideas, products, and other traveler experiences presented along the way.

serenity’s quest

Born Rare with a congenital vascular syndrome, at 43 a my doctor unexpectedly ordered me to quit working the rest of my life. I found myself writing poetry and some prose. Better said, I attempted to write – my training in this art being insufficient.

Looking for a place to archive it and show it and return to it to reflect on being a better poet, I picked up WordPress blogging software and crafted it into a crude showcase – serenity’s quest was born.

Seen, yet Not Heard Journal

When a doctor tells you at 43 that you are permanently disabled, you start looking for answers and fixes. This instinct resolved itself in me locating a parent managed support group for people with my Rare Syndrome, joining it, and spending my day participating in its daily communications.

My mother and father both had died thinking they had not done enough. This was not true. I was dedicated to public awareness and publishing every piece of medical information I could find and to explain that our syndrome was NOT HERDITARY. Mother’s and father’s did nothing to cause us to be Born Rare. This website is now in its 3rd Edition.

Born Willi-Anton

Going forward I’ll write/blog only about my personal and family life in this protected space. This is a new space for me. It is not yet ready for prime time. The longer explanation is that the above site – Seen, yet not Heard – was both a Personal Journal and a Medical life journal.

The medical life content quickly became the focus and the majority of the volume. It’s function passed over to Facebook in time.

About Facebook – it is a formal space that now doesn’t allow us to download our follower list [or content]. Facebook sends us confirmation that they own our work product, not us the creators. Friends, we struck a bargain with a sneaky devil.

front page conversation

My father routinely had very deep conversations with friends in his living room, often until the wee hours of the morning. This site is an homage to him.

Gone are the days when people could sit in a room discussing anything and everything, despite very different life experiences, education, and belief systems and leave conversation pals.

The Huffington Post, YAHOO, TWITTER, and Facebook have destroyed comity and soon community.

Fam a Lee Scrapbook

A family scrapbook – built from love – as we sort through a lifetime of memories stuck in boxes and wasting away.

Yes, there are other commonly used social media platforms that could be used. I don’t trust these to ever agree that our lives, our content is ours and not there’s to dump and run.

WordPress, my host, is an independent organization that provides data and image backup services. It’s legacy design and commitment to personal ownership which I will now take full advantage of.

These six websites are personal journals which I segregated to allow for sorting and archiving endeavors close to my heart. They are setup so that you can pick and choose which to receive activity notifications via your Word Press Name or your eMail account. You choose – these options are made on the home page for each site. Access these by clicking the Titles below (red underlined links).


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