NOVEMBER 17th – Anthony, our Grandson’s birthday. He was born years after his great grandfather passed away which was 17 years after his wife, Anthony’s grandmother, my mother. Life certainly has its moments. Synergy for many of us. In any case, November 17 is a day I reflect on how Light follows Darkness in ourContinue reading “REFLECTIONS ON “LIGHT FROM DARKNESS””


A “voice” from the grave below is a collection of statements by Albert Einstein.  Yes, Einstein. He may unwitting be the father of “Intellectual Design”; that is, before it was hijacked by modern-day “Institutionalists” – those who are taking a page from the Pharisees of old Jerusalem.   I’ll bet you thought Einstein was aContinue reading “REFLECTIONS ON A DIFFERENT EINSTEIN”


Organizational Design & Management Mentor; Ed Compensation Mentor; Foundational Website Development Mentor; Rare Syndrome, Rare Disease Advocate; Arts Education Advocate; Born Medically Rare (1 in 100,000); Congenital-Vascular Anomaly Mentor; and Citizen Philosopher.


In 2004-2005 I was full force working for and in support of this pioneering, member-driven KT Support organization, It became my fulltime focus. I had the time for sure. I was basically bed-ridden by doctor’s orders and unemployed via permanent disability. The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, in particular is due a ton of gratitude forContinue reading “A RETROSPECTIVE LOOK [PART THREE]”


In a previous post I described my motivations in 2005 and 2011. This current day post provides additional background on my overall journey with KT and associated Congenital Vascular Anomalies, with focus on my diagnosis in 1997 and a all-in dedication since to KT education, awareness and support. It’s a semi-retired perspective. From our archivesContinue reading “A RETROSPECTIVE LOOK [PART TWO]”

A RETROSPECTIVE LOOK [1st ed.] – 3rd bug test

The post below speaks to initial motivations in 2005 and continued motivations in 2011; as well as, measures outcomes. The image above introduced the 1st edition (2005) of my online Journal. This coded Table took me days to code. I had always struggled with learning how to code in any language. Old school HTML wasContinue reading “A RETROSPECTIVE LOOK [1st ed.] – 3rd bug test”

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