Updated Bug Report – Post Title Change not updating on Pages using “post-display” short code

Documenting the Bug following the my development timeline –

This directory shows the Testing Pages I created to facilitate duplicating the bug I reported.

Item #1 is the lead page and should hold sufficient links to show the problem

The 1st Page listed is the test case. The title change is noted within the title itself. Feel free to modify it on your side and trace it through to the Pages using “page-display” short code

A RETROSPECTIVE LOOK [1st. ed.] was the title before I changed it.

The title change carries through to the VIEW MODE screen.

This is one of the Pages that uses the “post-display” short code. It continues to carry the previous old title –


Another example of a Page using “post-display” short code and not updating in real time. I know this is not a page caching problem on my laptop as I dump website cache upon closing the browser. A habit I have developed over the years.

And another

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