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[Musings & Mutterings]

Musings & Mutterings is a collection of legacy Tid Bits pulled into a more accessible space. It’s a special space.

WordPress offers this space wherein selected TID Bits can be plucked out of the Chron File and put into a special folder. It’s a self defense move – Tid Bits is a Chron File that grows and grows. The more content put in it the further down earlier posts move. They disappear into the abyss of time – like the Facebook abyss.

From time to time I write longer pieces which better fit into subject-oriented books or journals . I try to write poetry and archive it in Serenity’s Quest. I do write on topics like governance, religion, politics, philosophy, and others and archive these in Front Porch Conversation. I write about my life journey and advocacy as a person born with a very rare biological-medical syndrome and archive it in Seen, yet Not Heard. I write about our latest couple’s project, building a mini-home out of the ashes of an very well used 1993 Camper Trailer, and archive that in Living Reimagined – Home Free. I’m beginning to scrapbook our couple’s and family photos, along with family events in Fam a Lee.