. . . a deeper dive into my mental framework that has me creating my own space.

A couple of thoughts about this fresh start – I’m the sort that takes a walk and is happy to meet and great along the way.  We can talk about your newly planted flowers, even the headline news, or what’s been on your mind for the last several days.  It’s a pleasure to have neighbors who like having neighbors.  Long gone are the corner pubs or the busy park benches so here we are making the best of our new world. I’m looking forward to reading, reflection and writing, and the conversations these bring. 

I look forward to hearing from you whether friend or passer-by.  This independent platform is my main page, my “Profile”. It includes a private chatroom, so private I have it hidden form Internet web-bots and people surfing the internet. These entities can locate me, the Profile part of me, but not the chatroom content.

Do forgive my known weakness in grammar.  I’m the son of an immigrant mother – and trust me my Catholic education missed the boat in this matter.  Oh, they taught me to think alright, but not so much how to spell or where to put commas. 

I do not have a personal Editor, so please feel free to offer corrections or changes.  I take no offense to constructive complaints of voice, suicide by comma or any other matter pertaining to construction or form.  I would not be happy if I lost the message to poor grammar.

I’m giving fair notice that I do have at least one pet peeve about today’s social networking.  I’ve spent just enough time on networks like the YAHOO and the Huffington Post to become deeply frustrated by drive-by’s which characterize and/or leave twitter-class responses rather than set the table for meaningful conversations.

It’s not the hall monitor that troubles me, I certainly find myself calling folks out when they seem to be disingenuous, or are hostile to open dialogue and well intended banter.  It’s the all things are life and death politics that has ruined friendly discourse. Not even Comedy is immune to this social degradation. Quite frankly I am not your psychologist or your Congressional Representative.

Lee Family

STRENGTH THOUGH VIRTUE – This was the motto of one of a centuries old Lee Clan of Ireland.  I like it!  I’ll strive to live up to it.


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